Claire Simone Fisher potrayed by Lauren Ambrose.

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Character OverviewEdit

Claire Simone Fisher (March 13, 1983 – February 11, 2085), played by Lauren Ambrose, is a rebellious young adult, who falls into drugs, bad relationships and a general search for 'meaning in life'. She is known for being unfailingly sombre and caustic throughout her teenage years and often acts in a selfish and surly manner, yet displays genuine affection and care for her family at moments of crisis. She is the most creative in the family, being inspired by those closest to her (such as her family, Aunt Sarah, Billy). At one time dating the bitter high school student Gabe, she also engages briefly in a complex relationship with Brenda's brother Billy. While studying art at LAC-Arts College, she sleeps with a crematory employee, Phil, but he does not want an exclusive relationship. She then becomes pregnant by fellow student Russell, whom she had dated even though she suspected he was gay; when she discovers he had slept with their professor, Olivier, she has an abortion. She briefly experiments with lesbianism with a friend, Edie, but soon becomes attracted to her friend, Jimmy. After Jimmy convinces an art dealer to give Claire an art show, Claire leaves art school and begins a relationship with Billy. Their relationship ends when Billy goes off his medication and becomes manic once again. Seeing she has no money and is in a deep feud with her mother, Claire takes a temporary job at a legal department where she meets Ted, a handsome Republican lawyer whom Claire begins to date. Ted becomes a source of comfort after Nate's death. In the series finale, Claire receives a job offer to work as a photographer's assistant in New York, leaving her family and Ted behind. Claire returns to L.A. shortly before her mother's death in 2025 and at her mother's funeral reunites with Ted, whom she marries. According to her obituary, Claire begins teaching photography as a faculty member at New York University's Tech School of the Arts in 2018, earning tenure in 2028. She becomes an award-winning photographer. She is eventually blinded from cataracts, and dies on February 11, 2085 at 101 years old.

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